Vapor Plus

The universally adaptable e-liquid.


Vapor Plus is the product of many years of research and experimental innovation which has resulted in this universal e-Liquid. The aim is to create a product which can be used on numerous devices not just traditional e-cigarettes. That’s why experts of traditional hookahs and electronic steaming hookahs involve in the production of this e-Liquid.

Dekang is proud to introduce a new product – the universal Vapor Plus, which you can use for all types of devices such as electronic hookahs or steam stones. A special formula has been developing, which makes it much more versatile to ensure. It is also adaptable for alternate devices, yet still manufactured using the same 100% natural ingredients and extracts.


1) A perfectly balanced palette of flavours.

2) 100% natural ingredients.

3) Great wholesale prices

4) Adaptable for numerous devices