Silver Label

Premium Quality, Pure Flavour


We wanted to create the best e-Liquids possible. Here is our classic Silver Label Range: the finest, premium quality, all-natural and pharmaceutically approved ingredients. This is why we are known worldwide for our first class products.

All e-Liquids undergo independent quality control and are GCC and TPD compliant, with multiple international certificates. Our production line uses only high-quality and environmentally friendly ingredients obtained from raw fruit extracts and genuine tobacco extracts to encompass the best flavours possible. The ingredients used in our products ensure that the flavour profiles of our e-Liquids promote the precise taste and natural elements used to define our Silver Label flavours.


Dekang uses only high-quality and environment-friendly ingredients that are free of harmful substances.

  • Molecular technology secures natural extracts
  • High-quality pharmaceutical grade solvents
  • Natural flavour extracts
  • Fully TPD Compliant
  • Huge range of flavours