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Dekang OEM services have been running since 2003. Thus, the experience held by our staff is incomparable throughout the industry. Precision, dedication and cooperation are the key aspects you will find to ensure you receive a service tailored to you.

Dekang can match any flavour to your e-liquid. Our unique flavour matching services emulate your flavour profile precisely. Send a sample of your e-liquid or a specification and we will replicate it. All matching flavours are using advanced technology by the most experienced team in e-liquid manufacturing. Certainly, with over a decade’s worth of experience in flavour development. This ensures a 100% flavour matching guarantee for all products which create within our facilities.


All ingredients used are from natural extracted and of pharmaceutical grade. Under this circumstances, we produce under essential quality-controlled conditions. We are using the best ingredients and have made significant investments in the latest water extraction facility. Allowing us to gain true flavour from raw ingredients, such as fruits and tobacco plants.

Natural extracts – Fruit flavours taken from natural plant sources, grown naturally, free from pollution and contamination. Furthermore, it also extracted onsite with controlled quality measures undertaken by all members of staff.

Tobacco – Our tobacco flavours sourced and extracted from genuine tobacco leaves. This process ensures the most genuine, natural tobacco taste possible. As a result, we are making Dekang’s tobacco flavour the best in the World.


Over 200,000 e-liquid bottles are filling onsite across our main bottling facilities daily. All of which are fully quality controlled to the highest standard. In order to ensure that each of your products produce exactly as it should be in batch checks and full quality control as standard.

For this reason, packaging and overall fulfillment can complete within a week from the placing of your order. After all, quality is never compromised with any designated time frame. Since the beginning, our e-liquids are always produced to the highest quality output.


Packaging for all products perform onsite and monitored consistently by our staff. This is to maintain the highest standards of consistency and ensure premium presentation every time.

Design your package imagery to appeal to your audience and Dekang will produce your high-quality e-Liquids to go with it. After that, we will package them with your chosen design. The procedure is under professional and accurate manner. So that you can expect retail quality that is suitable for consumer purchase.

All e-Liquids produce in Dekang are unique. We use patent protected bottles that renowned for their attractive and easy-to-use qualities.


Compliance is managed by Dekang, therefore the necessary authorities are already in place and registered for you.

Dekang already has well over 1,000 TPD notifications, FDA compliances and certifications in place which manage by our dedicated compliance team. As a result, we can guarantee the certification process to be completely hassle-free.

Our patent protected bottles come in 10ml -100ml sizes. All of them are TPD compliant with the appropriate laws and regulations. Safe, leak-proof sealing and accurate nozzles altogether.

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