Flavour enhancement for traditional cigarettes.


Dekang are all about innovation and we have the most innovative product for you. Presenting DKiss, the revolutionary smoking experience.

DKiss created to enhance smoking with a unique flavoured attachable tip, available for traditional cigarettes. This unique vaping experience allows you to combine flavours with new intense taste possibilities. Enhanced taste from direct flavours – DKiss is patent protected to keep it unique to us so you won’t find another product like it on the market. Super adaptable, DKiss is simple and easy for anyone and designed to leave you with a flavour that lasts.*

Why use DKiss?

  • Enhances flavour for traditional cigarettes
  • Unique flavour tip design
  • Easy to use
  • Available in menthol and tobacco
  • Maintains flavour for up to 5 cigarettes

New & Enhanced

The unique flavour tip design is easily attachable for any traditional cigarette to enhance your flavour when smoking. You will never want to be without it.

Lasts longer

DKiss makes your cigarette flavour last longer. The specially designed flavour beads bring out a much stronger taste which combines with your cigarette to bring you an extraordinary direct flavour and aftertaste.

Flavour quality

We ensure that all our flavour tips bring you only the best taste experience so that you have 100% satisfaction when smoking with DKiss flavours.

Disposable tips

Flavour tips can be easily replaced. Thus, when your DKiss tip has run out of flavour, you can simply dispose and exchange for a new one, so that you can let the taste experience begin again.

Our Flavours

Menthol – For the additional freshness when you smoke, try the DKiss menthol flavour tip. Menthol-flavoured beads can be added to any cigarette to create that perfect menthol taste. It also enhances the menthol in your menthol cigarette. Flavour is limitless with DKiss.
Tobacco – Enrich your tobacco taste experience when you smoke with DKiss tobacco. We use only the best quality tobacco extracts to create our flavour beads. Be sure that this will be the best taste enhancement for your cigarettes yet – you cannot beat a classic.