created as a nicotine alternative but with the same sensation


Detab is Dekang’s innovative e-Liquid, crafted as a nicotine alternative which maintains the same proven sensation and satisfaction but remains completely nicotine-free.

Dekang uses a safe and approved formula that has proven its quality and effectiveness in Europe for decades as a successful nicotine alternative within the vaping market. Detab has been created using the latest e-Liquid technology which incorporates pharmaceutical grade, environmentally friendly ingredients that comply with all the necessary European standards.


Toro Rouge: Crafted with flavour to power your day; this energy drink style e-Liquid contains no nicotine but brings about all the same sensations.

Apple: Freshly picked and finely selected, the Detab apple has a sweet and juicy flavour. Relax and enjoy this unique flavour with no nicotine.

USA Mix: With an authentic tobacco flavour, sourced from genuine tobacco extracts. This absolute American classic is a flavour sensation, of course without the nicotine.