Dekang Europe

Using high-quality raw materials, with a precise,
fine extraction process for an exclusive flavour range.


Dekang Europe Series is a new, high-quality European e-Liquid for electronic cigarettes. Dekang Europe is produced in EU, in accordance with European pharmaceutical quality and health standards.

In order to ensure stable quality control on all products, Dekang laboratories solely use ingredients produced under controlled conditions within the EU. We pride ourselves on the finest quality flavours from natural sources at affordable prices. Dekang Europe is perfectly designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers, making it an ideal and extremely popular range within the vaping market.


All Dekang Europe flavours come in a range of nicotine strengths: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg.

Gold USA Mix: The ultimate, premium formula. A mellow taste, enriched by the highest quality tobacco extracts.

Virgo: Reminiscent of a cigar flavour, with a strong, intense aroma. Made with genuine tobacco extracts for a realistic, smooth taste with each vape.

Dark USA Mix: A mix of cool and refreshing mint with real tobacco extracts, bringing you an extraordinary taste experience.