New Ideas, Same Traditions

Decloud is shisha alternative composing of 100% natural compressed fruit extracts. Stored in foil and air-tight containers to preserve freshness. It generates only soft, natural flavour with a long-lasting sweet aftertaste when steamed. No harmful, waste combustion elements that are associating with traditional Shisha products.

DeCloud is easy-to-use and maintain high levels of continual flavor throughout each use. All ingredients are completely natural, high-quality and pharmaceutical approved. We offer a huge range of big, bold flavors and with our patent protected product, we are one of a kind.

DeCloud Flavours

Made with dark grapes for a full, rich fruit flavour and an intensely distinct aftertaste. A favourite flavour of many.

Green Apple has a pleasant sweet and sour taste. Enjoy the full flavour of freshly picked apples when you want a simplistic, traditional taste that is unobtrusive and comfortably familiar.

Deliciously unique – guava DeCloud is composing of genuine, compressed guava fruit for a tropical, zesty flavour! mix with mellow flavours for additional impact.

This flavour has a distinct taste with a sweet-citrus aftertaste. For this reason, it is very popular among a wide range of vapour fans.  The lemon brings out a strong, fresh taste. Combine this DeCloud product with another flavour to add an extra citrus zing without overshadowing the main taste.

Our banana DeCloud has a very popular sweet taste. Its mellow tones make it perfect for combining with other flavours, such as strawberry and raspberry to expand and enhance flavour profiles.

A big, bold, tropical favourite, composed of fleshy mango fruits for a genuine juicy taste. Produces huge, natural vapour clouds.

Melon DeCloud produces a light, sweet taste when steamed with a very smooth aftertaste. Great when combined with other DeCloud products for extra mellow tones.

Our mint flavour made with genuine mint leaf extract to produce an extremely fresh, cool taste. This is one of our most popular flavours, especially to combine with other DeCloud products to add a crisp, minty tone to any taste and a fresh aftertaste.

Multifruits is one of our only Decloud products made with multiple fruits. Including apple, pear, melon, orange and pineapple for tropical tones. Together, the fruit combination creates an intense, satisfying flavour. For a multi-dimensional flavour profile, Multifruits is the right choice for you.

The exquisite zesty flavour. For the orange fans, orange DeCloud has a fresh, clean taste that you will enjoy over and over again.

Made with genuine compressed peach extract for a full, flavoursome taste. Distinct and absolute, this DeCloud product is perfect when mixed with raspberry or zesty orange.

Light and mellow, pear DeCloud has just the right level of flavour for the perfect taste experience. Light vapour clouds with a smooth, enjoyable aftertaste.

Sweet and simple, pineapple DeCloud provides you with a delicate, pleasant flavour. Fresh, juicy and natural, enjoy the full flavour of the exotic fruit.

Sweet but slightly sour, the plum DeCloud flavour brought to you from genuine compressed fleshy plums. Full body clouds and even fuller fruity flavour.

Raspberry DeCloud has a vivid, unique taste of natural ripe raspberries, which cannot be confused with any other flavour. This flavour is great to combine with others, particularly banana to add a mellow tone.

Similar but not to be confused by our Green Apple DeCloud flavour. For a classic, sweeter taste, the Red Apple provides you with a comforting flavour profile, similar to that of traditional, sweet apple desserts when it steamed.

Strawberry is one of the most popular and favourite flavours in the DeCloud collection. Sweet, unique taste of ripe, juicy strawberries ensures an unforgettable taste experience. This will be a flavour that you will return to again and again.

Our two apple is a satisfying combination of both our Green and Red Apple DeCloud flavours. This combination creates the perfect balance between both the sweet base with a slightly sour aftertaste. A very popular flavour profile for a simplistic, traditional taste.

Watermelon DeCloud provides you with a fresh, juicy taste and sweet tones. This unique flavour profile is unmistakable. This is also an ideal flavour to combine with other DeCloud products for a summery, superb taste.

A sharper taste than our black grape flavour but still just as sweet. This DeCloud product is bursting with genuine white grape extracts, producing the perfect fruity aroma when steamed.

DeCloud Features:

All DeCloud flavours last up to 3 hours, producing a consistent, rich flavour. All flavours profiles are produced with:

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • No Tobacco
  • Easy To Fill
  • Are Patent Protected
  • Contain No Tar
  • Contain No Dye
  • Preserved With Foil
  • 100% Fruit