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What is GCC ?

GCC - General Certificate of Conformity is distributed to certify that the finished product (i.e., the filled and sealed e-liquid bottle sold to consumers) are CNPPA compliant.


What is CNPPA ?



Apply to 

Bottles of nicotine-containing e-liquid sold directly to consumers for use in refillable "open-system" vaping devices.



- US domestic manufacturer/importer of the finished e-liquid product shall provide test data and/or certificates to certify that the finished product (i.e., the filled and sealed e-liquid bottle sold to consumers) are CNPPA compliant.

- Under the CPSA, if the manufacturer is located outside the U.S., the importer stands in the shoes of the manufacturer, CPSA § 3(a)(11).


How to comply with CNPPA ?

Manufacturer/Importer of the finished e-liquid product shall create a GCC which must be "furnished" to each e-liquid distributor and retailer by sending a paper copy of the GCC with each product shipment or providing distributors and retailers a unique electronic certificate identifier which allows them (as well as the CPSC) to access the GCC over the internet.


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For more details of the law, see here.


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