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04 December 2017
Dear Friends,   As Chinese National Day is coming soon, please note that Dekang Team will be on holidays...
26 September 2017
16 February 2017
DKISS Solid E-liquid





DKiss is an innovative flavoured drip tip introduced to satisfy the demands of mixed flavours connoisseurs to impress those striving to the new bright vaping experience.  There are some concentrated aromatic beads inside the chamber, which decide what flavour the drip tip contains.  Plus PG/VG base liquid, the combination turns out to be “Solid Liquid”.  You can try vaping with this brand new combination instead of the existing e-liquid to get rid of the harmful effect generated by the emission.  From good looking to incredible, DKiss is going to offer you something different!

1.Double enhance your flavour, make vaping more like a real cigarette.

2.DKiss is compatible with both e-cigarettes and real cigarettes!



DKiss Flavoured Drip Tip Flavours

Now it is available to order tobacco, mint, cherry and vanilla flavour.  There are also strawberry, blueberry, orange, watermelon, grape flavour PG&VG base liquid for you to satisfy your taste buds.  Later on, a large wave of new flavors are coming towards you!  
DKiss is an innovative fl tp avoured drip tip created to make extraordnaryaping experience.  This vaping accessory is introduced to satisfy the 


how to use solid e-liquid



Dkiss Solid E-liquid Package-1

Dkiss TPD Solid E-liquid

Before Nov. 20, Dekang Group has successfully submitted series of Dkiss SKUs to the EUCEG system for half of the EU Countries.  All TPD compliant packages are also well prepared for you.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this kind of accessory. Now welcome to all of your new orders!


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