DETAB - Nicotine Alternative

When it comes to people who fight against nicotine, which is addictive, we are now proudly promoting our nicotine alternative product which is completely nicotine-free but you will have the same satisfaction and sensation. Also, this active ingredient, proven safety, has been used in Europe for decades.

Nicotine Alternative is created by using the latest e-liquid production technology.  Environmentally friendly ingredients are used in the production process, which ensures the product its exquisite taste and flavor. Correspondingly, this product complies with all necessary European standards.

We warmly welcome all those who have not yet experienced Dekang e-liquids. Try our new revolutionary products and you will surely be pleased with its high quality and exquisite taste!

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Nicotine Alternative, using secret Dekang formula, create the same effect of nicotine sensation.

It is freshy picked and finely selected,sweet and juicy. Relax and enjoy a smooth bite of an apple.

USA mix

Authentic real tobacco, revive you with an absolute American classic.

Power Drink

A fantastic drink with a unforgettable aftertaste to power up your weary day.