DEKANG EUROPE - Premium Quality E-Liquid

Dekang Europe Series is a new high-quality European liquid for electronic cigarette. Dekang Europe is produced in EU, in accordance with European quality and standards.

It is developed by Dekang, one of the premium e-liquid manufacturers in the world. In order to ensure stable product quality and purity, Dekang laboratories solely use ingredients produced under controlled conditions within the EU.

Special taste, high quality, and affordable prices are the main characteristics for this new series product. Dekang Europe is perfectly designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers.

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Using high-quality raw materials, with a precisely
fine extraction process. A special made exclusive flavor.


Selected cigar with the strong thickness, unique intense aroma, presents you a smooth taste for each inhalation.

Dark USA mix

Mix a cool refreshing blast of mint with real tobacco, , bring you the extraordinary sensual experience.

Gold USA mix

The ultimate formula provides the mellow taste, which make sure you enjoy every single puff and the endless aftertaste.

Dark USA MixHIGH 18mg/ml
Dark USA MixMEDIUM 12mg/ml
VirgoLOW 6mg/ml
Gold USA MixNO 0mg/ml