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Mail Fraud Alert

Jan 1th, 2017

Recently, we have customer who claims that he has wired money to our bank account, but it turns out that we don’t receive his payment whatsoever. Instead, he wired the order deposit to an unknown account during to a mail he received from a swindler who told him to. To avoid this kind of fraud, we need you to pay extreme attention to the following points:
1. Do not believe to anyone who asks you to wire money unless he or she is our Sales Consultant. Pay extra attention to those emails and conversations from an address you are not familiar with.
2. If you receive an email that asks you to wire money to a different account, except for our two official bank accounts, Paypal and HSBC. In this case, you need to pay extra attention, because it’s highly possible that this is a fishing email and a fraud. We will never ask you to wire money to other accounts except for these above two. So before you make the payment, you need to double confirm by calling our sales consultant. If you wire money to other unknown accounts without double confirming by calling our sales consultants, we will not take responsibility of your loss.
Dekang Team