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Dekang Reiterates Our Position On Distribution Policy

Dec 17th, 2012

Recently, we kept finding that many e-Cig companies around the world claim that they are Dekang’s distributors and selling the authentic Dekang products. Those companies even proclaim they have certificate issued by Dekang and display this so-called Distribution Certificate on their website. For example, this unauthorized company and its invalid certificate:
Regarding issues like this, Dekang is here to reiterate that:
First, we did not and never will issue this kind of distribution certificate ever. And Dekang reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against this company above and any company who violate this provision.
Second, the only legal channel to obtain Dekang’s distribution right is to contact with Dekang or Boge’s (our subsidiary company) Sales Consultant and get approval and authorization only from Dekang’s General Manager or Vice President(with Dekang’s Stamp on it.) Certificates obtained through other channels are all illegal and invalid.
Dekang Team