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Dear Clients,   For safety reasons, Dekang has to cancel the following...
16 February 2017
Jan 1th, 2017 Recently, we have customer who claims that he has wired money to our bank account, but it turns out that we...
01 January 2017
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16 December 2016
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 Nov 13rd, 2012


Recently, it has been repeatedly reported that a major numbers of fake Dekang products appeared in global market. We therefore would like to remind our clients to pay attention NOT to use the fake product. We will have separate page to inform how to distinguish fake.
1.Diluted Fake Dekang
Fake Dekang has been diluted by water or other cheap solvents and this will surely affect the taste
2.Manufacturing Hygiene


Both of refilling environment and the bottles of Vapor Flavor from Dekang are complying with pharmaceutical grade. Fake product manufacturers could   not afford the huge investment for the facility of this level.
Our responsibility
Although we still keep inspecting the distribution channel of the fake one, our investigation is not completed and we have not yet wiped out its spread. When you purchase Dekang products, make sure it is via our official distribution channel. In addition, we look forward to your questions or concerns.