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Dekang New Product Premium Vapor Flavor

Nov 6th, 2012

DEKANG is introducing a new line of PREMIUM VAPOR FLAVOR (PVF) Four-season series
< Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter >
Liquids < Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter > are made from an original recipe and developed specifically by DEKANG, for the production of the highest class and quality.
These skillfully composed tastes are a natural combination of carefully selected Oriental - Indian, Bulgarian, and Greek tobacco varieties, as well as "Virginia" and "Burley" tobacco varieties, creating rich, and at the same time, sophisticated fragrances, extracted with innovative technology to help preserve all tastes and flavors.
Each recipe has its own unique specificity, which affects the flavor, taste, and density of the liquid.
By using our extensive experience in the production of liquids for electronic cigarettes, and enclosing it in a modern, elegant packaging design, the Company has managed to create a new unsurpassed premium product.
VAPOR FLAVOR (PVF) Spring – An original, incomparably velvety taste with a memorable, sophisticated fragrance. Fantasy feelings, dreams about faraway magical journeys... Carefully preserved natural tastes of strong tobacco gives to true connoisseurs a temporary opportunity to stop thinking about business and immerse themselves into flights of fancy, dreams of enchanting destinations while enjoying the bright spritely flavor. Once taste is enough, and you will never confuse it with any other.
VAPOR FLAVOR (PVF) Summer - This is a masterfully selected tobacco flavor that creates a harmonious taste that is intertwined with notes of oriental spices. They are specially created for connoisseurs of the present, who appreciate the true strength and full fragrance of tobacco flavor. Strong taste and solid strength will serve an excellent resource to shake and focus on the working day.
VAPOR FLAVOR (PVF) Autumn - A rich taste with prevailing notes of black tobacco, begins softly and gains more brightness through the process of steaming, gradually becoming saturated with fruit and spicy tones, and a subtle hint of nutty flavor. The feeling of the bright, bursting of colorful life in Autumn with a touch of Mediterranean exoticism. Experience the Italian passion entrenched in this brand. With it, you will discover the special - harmonious flavor.
VAPOR FLAVOR (PVF) WinterA unique flavor combination, the taste starts with bright spicy colors and when fully savored, gradually becomes more relaxed. After the fourth, fifth breath, the flavor is enriched with the warm notes of coffee and chocolate, and finally, the aroma of cedar. The saturated steam has a earthy, bitter-sweet aroma of dark chocolate, which can be appreciated by all who is around you.
It is hardly necessary to recommend this liquid for smoking after a meal - its lightness and unusual delicate flavor requires a more caring attitude to be savored like a dessert or fine espresso.