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04 December 2017
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26 September 2017
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Bringing the New innovative flavoured drip tip DKiss to a Store near you


Dekang has added one more product to its already loved products.  Since inception we have been supplying plant extracts and raw materials.  We have been in the market for many years and have built a good reputation through experience.  Consumers will get to use the DKiss drip tip.  DKiss is an innovative flavoured drip tip created to make extraordinary vaping experience.   Dekang has introduced the vaping accessory to satisfy the demands of mixed flavors connoisseurs and to impress everyone striving to the new bright vaping experience.


For a long time vaping items have grown drastically as far as quality, adequacy and safety are concerned and the prices decreasing.  These were great conditions for the huge number of smokers who have officially switched to the safer option.  Financial specialists concur that if things continue pushing ahead along these same lines smoking will be wiped out. This would mean a noteworthy reduction in conceivable smoking - related diseases and deaths.  Several studies conducted globally have presumed that vaping is positively a securer contrasting alternative to smoking.


Regardless of the above studies and others, vaping products are still controversial.  Stringent regulations naturally lead to higher prices and limit the accessibility and choice of the products. This then makes them inaccessible to smokers who want to use them as a means of quitting smoking and push them to buy the products through the underground market, where they are unregulated and unsafe.


This is why as a company we are continuing to create and innovate new products and accessories for vaping.  Vaping has gained popularity among tobacco users and the need for new products is increasing.  Vaping also has fewer risks as compared to smoking tobacco through cigarettes.


DKiss will become the most popular product debut and will meet all consumer expectation due to its competitive price, innovative formula and special functions with global patent as well as attractive design.  We believe our consumers will benefit immensely from the product.


DKiss is an innovative flavoured drip tip created to make extraordinary vaping experience. The drip tip is the decorative looking mouth piece on top of the e-cigarette.  Some people think it is used for aesthetic purposes, but in fact the narrower tip produces a more concentrated flavour with a wider tip giving more vapor. Whichever way, the drip tip adds something extra to your device, from good looking to incredible.  For example, you can just use VG/PG base liquid to vape with the device equipped with DKiss, through which you can still taste the flavour and experience comfortable throat hit around tobacco aroma.


Electronic cigarettes are safer than conventional cigarettes.  They are more environmentally friendly as they emit much less toxicant substances.  E-cigarettes are beneficial to public health and smokers should be encouraged to use them.  However, e-cigarettes do not act as a gateway to smoking for non-smokers.  Most people who use them have already had a long established prior smoking habit.


The growing use of electronic cigarettes as a substitute for tobacco smoking has been a topic of great controversy, with much speculation over their potential risks and benefits.


With sensible regulation, electronic cigarettes have the potential to make a major contribution towards preventing the premature death and disease associated with smoking.  Smokers should be reassured that these products can help them quit all tobacco use forever.  E-cigs have been marketed as successful tools to wean smokers off nicotine addiction as they reflect the sensation and practice of smoking while exhausting much less harmful emissions.


Make sure you keep checking for new flavours and brands to keep your tastebuds thrilled.  You can use DKiss with VG (vegetable glycerin)/PG (propylene glycol) base. However, the nicotine content is very low because it goes quite far in the diluted liquid solution.  All these are harmless though you can still vape in flavor.


Vaping is a trend that is on the rise due to the reception it is receiving.  Most people trying to quit have chosen vaping as they still get to enjoy different flavors with the Dip tip which enhances the flavour.


Advantages of DKiss Drip Tip

1. Safety Guarantee 

2. Competitive Price

3. Enhancing flavour and long-lasting aroma

4. Adaptable and easy to use

5. Perfect Mate for DIY LOVERs 

DKiss + 0mg Liquid 

DKiss + PG + VG

DKiss + Nicotine-contained Liquid 

 (Varieties of Combination Available


DKiss Flavoured Drip Tip is exempt from TPD regulations neither from  Tobacco Rules.

7 . More flavour is coming forward at your disposal...


If you are interested in Dkiss Flavoured Drip Tip, feel free to contact us.


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