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Chinese E-cigarette Shows Extraordinary Talents in Asian Tobacco Exposition
March 21st, 2013
Tobacco Online   As the increasing control efforts of countries and improving awareness of human body, E-cigarette is gradually welcomed and praised. Therefore, E-cigarette is sold better in countries which are controlled much stricter.
However, what is called E-cigarette is not the real cigarette and it just imitates the appearance of cigarette to make it seems like a real one. In the top of E-cigarette, diode LED is adopted for imitating the burning when the people really inhales real cigarette. There is a filter in the bottom of E-cigarette. It might be replaceable or disposable. It has liquid inside the filter like: Propylene Glycol or Glycerin and harmless flavor and certainly certain nicotine concentration(0mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 11mg/ml, 16mg/ml or 19.4mg/ml) can be injected also. There is a supply unit and resistance device in the middle of E-cigarette and people who are using the E-cigarette will feel the hotness and steam from the liquid heated by resistance.
In the Asian Tobacco Exposition, the most remarkable E-cigarette manufacturer is Changning Dekang Biotechnology Limited Company. In the left side of exposition entrance, Dekang mainly exhibits their various E-cigarettes, E-liquids, E-cigar, DeCloud and innovative product-DeCloud Shisha fruits for hookah in their 100% natural E-liquid exhibition stand.
Changning Dekang Biotechnology Limited Company is a leading E-cigarette manufacturer in Yunnan, China. From 2006 Dekang researched and developed in herbal essence liquid which was used in electronic clearomiser. Importantly, the liquid was adopted the high-quality tobacco essence from Yunnan local and Dekang produced natural tobacco flavor and unique taste herbal essence liquid by patent of advanced extraction technique. Dekang mainly produces solanesol, concentration of liquid, angelica oil and so on. It supplies products nearly half of E-cigarette manufacturers. In the meantime, it also provide high-quality products and service to overseas customers and E-cigarette companies.
According to Dekang, its products mainly export to North America, East Europe, West Europe and other markets and concentrated E-liquid and angelica oil are their hot export products. In 2012, the export revenue is 226,710 USD. However, North America market, East Europe market and West Europe market occupy 31.6%, 27.27% and 41.13% of export revenue in 2012 respectively.
Interestingly, Dekang attracts many visitors by its distinct position and unique E-cigarette products. Some visitors are attracted by Dekang’s fame and directly come for cooperation of E-cigarette and Some visitors are coming for curiosity. In Dekang’s outer exposition stand, there are two Middle East men specifically introducing and demonstrating the using process of Hookah because most of visitors who interested in Hookah are coming from Middle East.
In the process of demonstrating and tasting DeCloud, people can choose their own favorite special fruit extraction of the raw material and Dekang newly invents supplement of DeCloud which is not contain nicotine. Firstly, put some fruit extraction of the raw material into the bowl from top of hookah tube and make it flat and compact. Secondly, rub the tinfoil for making space between charcoal and tinfoil and this is easy for burning by oxygen before tightly wrap the bowl by tinfoil. Thirdly, prick some small hole on the tinfoil by toothpick. Finally, start to taste hookah by putting a small charcoal on the tinfoil. According to Dekang, it will be better on using pure natural charcoal because the chemical compound charcoal on the market has the other fuel and this will influence the smoking hookah taste. Break the charcoal when tasting the hookah can directly help burning and beneficial to volatilization of fruit extraction of the raw material. It is the definitely enjoyment although there is relatively complicated on smoking hookah.
Dekang’s staffs are very enthusiastic. From their introduction, disposable E-cigarette can be smoked around 100 times. In other aspect, there are many E-cigarette standards and shapes on refillable E-cigarette and E-cigarette which are durable can be used up to 10 years. In terms of second hand smoking, Dekang’s staff indicates that E-cigarette clearomised by pure natural E-liquid comes without second hand smoke and it is sold in low price and can also be used in publics. From this moment, Dekang mainly promotes their products by Alibaba, exposition and so on. Consumers can also buy the E-cigarette from tobacco shops, groceries and kiosks out of online shopping.