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Hookah fair Germany

 April 18th, 2014




Dear friends and partners,
         We are glad to announce that Dekang will participate at the second international Hookah Fair which will take place in Frankfurt am
 Main, Germany on April 26th-27th 2014. Last year’s exhibition was a complete success for the company. Currently, Hookah Fair is an essential part in the hookah business development. More than 4000 visitors from 43 countries are invited to this exhibition.
         The first exhibition was dedicated to the recent hookah and accessories innovations from all over the world. The 2014 exhibition will continue this tradition.
 The participants of the expo will have a unique opportunity to showcase and also sell their products and services at the Hookah Fair.
         There is no more need to attend general tobacco exhibitions. Now, hookah industry is represented as an independent market segment for the benefit of all hookah connoisseurs.
 Dekang cordially invites you to visit our stand at the exhibition.
         All the variety of our products will be available for you to try. Every visitor will have the opportunity to try all bouquet of our 100% natural Shisha Fruits.
 Don’t miss this opportunity, we will be glad to meet you at the international Hookah Fair in Frankfurt am Main!
 Exhibition Date: April 26th - 27th, 2014
 Exhibition Place: "Exhibition Center" Frankfurt a.M., Ludwig- Erhard- Anlage 1, 60327, Frankfurt am Main