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TPD Compliance


TPD is Directive 2014/40/EU rules set for tobacco and other related products in the EU. This includes vapour products not licensed as medicines.
The TPD is required by the European Parliament and came into force for e-cigarettes since the 20th May 2016.


What you need to know

The following are the changes made by TPD:

  • Nicotine <20mg/ml
  • Refill containers <10ml
  • Notification – submission of product dossier to a member of the state.
  • Packaging – product warning, leak free
  • Advertising – all cross-border advertising is banned.
  • Sales reporting – companies to report sales to member states.

Our Bottles

Dekang bottles are patent protected and are fully TPD compliant. Bottle Features:

  • 10ml capacity
  • 11mm nozzle
  • Child tamper-proof cap
  • IS08317 compliance
  • Flow control test passed: <20 drops per minute
  • Protected against breakage and leakage

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Our laboratories equip with high-tech, quality-controlled machines that are all monitored regularly and maintain by our expert staff. More importantly, our manufacturing certificates are including GMP, HALAL, RoHS, CE and more.


GCC Compliance


What is GCC?


GCC – General Certificate of Conformity is distributed to certify that the finished product (i.e., the filled and sealed e-liquid bottle sold to consumers) is CNPPA compliant.


What is CNPPA?


This applies to:

Bottles of nicotine-containing e-liquid sold directly to consumers for use in refillable “open-system” vaping devices.




– US domestic manufacturer/importer of the finished e-liquid product shall provide test data and/or certificates to certify that the finished product (i.e., the filled and sealed e-liquid bottle sold to consumers) are CNPPA compliant.

– Under the CPSA, if the manufacturer is located outside the U.S., the importer stands in the shoes of the manufacturer, CPSA § 3(a)(11).


How to comply with CNPPA?


The Manufacturer/Importer of the finished e-liquid product shall create a GCC which must be “furnished” to each e-liquid distributor and retailer. Next, sending a paper copy of the GCC with each product shipment or providing distributors and retailers a unique electronic certificate identifier. So then it allows them (as well as the CPSC) to access the GCC over the internet.