Est. 2003: Bringing you an unbeatable vaping experience for over a decade.

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E-liquid Manufacturing Facility.

The best experience for you.
Vaping knowledge comes with time, and we are proud to say that Dekang has been developing products for you since 2003 – that’s over a decade of experience.

Using 100% natural flavour extracts, our continuous innovative research and development make your expectations a reality. All our products are made to the highest standard possible, using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients, including genuine tobacco extracts.

Dekang OEM service offers an unbeatable flavour matching facility where we can replicate any flavour. Reliable, high-quality products delivered to you in as little as a week. Creating your own line of e-liquids has never been easier.

Dekang continually invests in new equipment to keep up with the growing demand in the consumer market. Our research and development centre ensures that sufficient efforts support our ongoing progression to make products consistently newer and better.

Dekang e-liquid manufacturing

2003 - Dekang Founded

Dekang founded in China, 2003. We started off as a small enterprise focused on the research, production and sales of pharmaceutical products. Moreover, Dekang has since grown to have facilities on numerous continents and has become well-established as an E-liquid Manufacturer.

2006 - Research & Development

Dekang research and development become a priority throughout the early years. This is the reason for the vast range of new innovative products and ranges.
Young woman working with liquids in glassware

2012 - Growth into the EU

In 2012 the Romanian branch founded and all EU Dekang Products began to be made within the EU. We also expanded our capabilities by opening offices and a factory in Shenzhen. This allows us to market our products and commit more resources to research and development. Hence, we can continue to bring innovation to the vaping industry.

2013 - Decloud-Shisha Fruits

With our continued focus on research and development into new and innovative products, finally we successful to develop the revolutionary hookah products.

2014 - US Office Founded

In 2014 the US office built to provide customer service and be far more convenient to customers. Our products are renown worldwide for their quality and flavor. Besides, it reflected upon by the huge array of awards allocated to Dekang over the last decade and the vast amounts of praise from our customers.

2016 - UK Office Founded

The UK office opened in 2016 as part of the continued expansion of Dekang. We continue to be devoted to research, development and leading the vaping industry with new innovative products. Our goals are still to provide a great tasting product with the best service possible.