Dekang OEM Service: The Art of Flavour Matching

At Dekang we take pride in the art of flavour creation, that’s why we have our staff fully trained in pharmaceutical development to make sure our e-liquids are of the highest quality, using all natural extracts to make flavours packed full of lasting taste.

We are fully aware that everyone’s taste varies, consequently, we have created a service to make our flavours more tailored to you. We have engineered an OEM Service to customise e-liquids so that we can match your flavours for you! Send us your favourite e-liquids or give us a specification with your idea and our team can work out what is in that they need to use to replicate the flavour. We can even tailor that those flavours to different bases and strengths of nicotine. This gives you more ways to enjoy the tastes you love with the confidence that we manufacture them to the highest quality with the finest natural ingredients. Remember we care about you, so naturally, we want our products to be the best for you, especially in terms of what we put into our e-liquids. No harmful chemicals, just pure, safe herbal extracts all tested to meet international and pharmaceutical health standards.

There are thousands of different combinations to be put together to create the perfect flavour for you to call your own. Our OEM service shows just how much we care about you because it becomes your D.I.Y project – your e-liquid can be as uniquely different as you like. By allowing us to create your flavour, we can make it a lot less harmful to you and all completely authentic, you have our word.

Needs and Preferences are always key at Dekang and with our OEM Service, you can have everything you need entirely. Yet another reason why you will love us.

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