Best Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquid

Dekang recognise that although there are so many new quirky flavours in the e-liquid market, some consumers are still looking for the best tobacco flavoured e-liquid. After all, there are a huge number of people that have chosen to vape to distance themselves from smoking and the health risks that come with it. Vaping is a much safer and healthier habit and although it isn’t the same as smoking a real cigarette, we want to make that experience as close to that as possible.

The way we do this is by bringing to you the best tobacco flavoured e-liquids for your device so that it tastes the same as the tobacco from a real cigarette. How do we do this? By using real tobacco plant extraction during the filtration process of the e-liquid. Our tobacco flavours are developed by our specially trained laboratory staff that work long and hard to trial only the best tastes for you. The real tobacco in our products enables us to create the same great flavour and lasting after-taste of a real cigarette but without the actual tobacco present in a way that causes you harm as it does with smoking.

Our process is incomparable and a solid winner in terms of product satisfaction from our consumers. If you’re looking to give up smoking but are concerned that you won’t enjoy vaping, we can reassure you that you will have the comforting taste of tobacco in every puff; a comfort that we hope you love so much that it will eventually take over your love for smoking and replace that with the innovation of vaping that is taking the world by storm.

Give change a try. If you don’t like our tobacco flavour, then you won’t like any.

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