50/50 E-Liquid Range

We have a huge range of e-liquids for you to choose from here at Dekang! If you’re stuck for choice, we can give some recommendations. Here are five of our top sellers that always go flying off the shelves:

  • Tobacco: Tobacco is one of our classic flavours. Ex-smokers praise this flavour because of how much it tastes like the real deal. If you’re missing the taste of your cigarettes – this is the one for you. Our Tobacco range is made with tobacco plant extracts to give you genuine flavour but without the health risks of smoking. It’s the best of both worlds!
  • Strawberry: There’s nothing better than the perfectly sweet taste of strawberries. Our strawberry e-liquids are packed with wonderfully natural extracts to bring out a strong, distinct taste of strawberry that’s just sweet enough without being over-facing. This is definitely one of the favourites for the fruit lovers.
  • Ice mint: Ice mint is packed with a fresh minty goodness that will leave you feeling lifted every time you take a puff. This is one of our most refreshing e-liquids and is very popular with those who like a sharp taste that makes your lips tingle. Made with all natural mint extracts, this is perfectly natural and satisfying.
  • Double mint: Double mint is similar to that of ice mint but with a more mellow undertone. Made with mint extracts again but not as sharp. For the mint fans – think of strong mint tea that fills your senses in a fresh, demanding manner but leaves you with a refreshingly cleansed pallet.
  • USA Mix: This is the ultimate mix. One of the most unbeatable in terms of rustic, mellow taste. You’re out in the wild west, taking in the vast land and enjoying every puff you take with the undertones of herbs and musk spiced after-taste.

Whether it’s mint, classic tobacco or sweet strawberry, these flavours are keepers and staying around for the foreseeable. Give them a try if you haven’t already.

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